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 Time  PCH - North  PCH - South
  Session Chair: Steve Cui  
 8:40- 9:20 P5 Prof. Dr. David J. Jenkins, Canada, Hydrocolloids, Glycemic Index for Human and Planetary Health  
 9:20-10:00 P6 Prof. Dr. Yong-Cheng Shi, USA, Comparison of Gum Arabic, Starch Octenylsuccinate and Corn Fiber Gum as Emulsifiers  
10:00-10:35 K6 A/Prof. Dr. Ying Wu, USA, Application of Yellow Mustard Mucilage in Encapsulation of Essential Oils and Polyphenols using Spray Drying  
10:35-10:55 Break Break
  Session Chair: Ying Wu Session Chair: Yongfeng Ai
 10:55- 11:15
 11:15- 11:35
 11:35- 11:55
 11:55- 12:15
 12:15- 12:35
 12:35- Adjoure and Lunch Adjoure and Lunch

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