16th IHC posters

We will try to accommodate all abstracts submitted for oral presentation but in the event that they cannot all be accommodated into the schedule, authors will be invited to present their work as a poster.

Abstracts for poster presentation only are also accepted.

Poster can be either landscape or portrait format, the available space is 5' across x 4' high per poster

Id Title Abstract
P1- Effects of ph and functionalization on molecular configuration and rheology of salmon gelatin suspensions. abstract
P2- Molecular characterization of interactions between Lectin - a protein from the common edible mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) - with dietary carbohydrates abstract
P3- Enhancement of the intestine permeability of curcumin using Pickering emulsions stabilized by starch crystals and chitosan abstract
P4- Impact of free fatty acids on the foaming capacity of 2% commercial milk: experiments and theory abstract
P5- Influence of rheological properties on gastrointestinal digestion and curcumin release of emulsion-filled starch gels abstract
P6- Valorization of canned liquids from Ontario native pulses as egg alternatives abstract
P7- Impact of free calcium and magnesium incorporation to the heat-stability of a model UHT milk with dairy and soy protein abstract
P8- Impact of high concentration dietary fiber substitution on rheological, structural, microstructural, and thermal properties of wheat flour dough abstract
P9- Moringa peregrina press cake as a novel source of dietary protein and fiber; the effect on in vitro starch digestibility and antioxidant activity of bread abstract
P10- Effects Of Camel Age and Plasticizes On the Properties Of Camel Bone Gelatin Films abstract
P11- Exploring commercial utilization of yellow mustard (sinapis alba l.) gum: stabilization and emulsification in vegetarian mayonnaise and non-dairy fat whipping cream abstract
P12- Ethyl cellulose-zein based latex films abstract
P13- Imaging techniques to characterize pulse-based extruded food products: A review abstract